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NEW: View inaugural Cardiff Kook Run Photos and Hot Chocolate Race San Diego Photos and inaugural Hollywood Half Marathon Photos 

Photos and coverage of the Ragnar Relay Socal including a marriage proposal video. NEW view 2012 Big Sur Marathon photos.

New galleries photographed by the Runnerazzi can be seen on our Facebook photos section.  Included are the Marine Corps Marathon, ING NYC Marathon, USATF San Diego Cross Country and the 2011 Silver Strand Half Marathon Photos.

Welcome to the Running Page the first online running web site for the running community launched in 1992.  This new website version will be the easiest marathon and race calendar to use on the Internet and we plan to bring you lots of great running information. We will be showcasing premier running videos, marathon reviews, training tips, reviews for new and innovative products and a fully interactive running forum. We would like to hear your suggestions and want suggestions regarding the kind of running content you want to view. Shortly, we will be adding a suggestion form so that we can receive your suggestions. The editors of the NEW running page have actively participated in many races across the United States and Canada. Everything from 5K fun runs to full marathons such as Boston or the ING New York City Marathon along with some halfs and 10k's. We are passionate about the sport and encourage runners of all levels to participate in our new website as we upgrade and convert it into the leading site is was when started back in 1992.  Good luck to everyone in 2011. There are thousands of great races for all levels to participate in. The Running Page is brought to you by avid runners who want to share their passion and present to you a cutting edge online community for runners all over the world.

Why do you Run? We've met so many great people through running and they all have different reasons why they run. We want to hear from you, what is it about running that keeps you going mile after mile? There's no question running is one of the best ways to improve your fitness quickly, lose weight, inches and feel great about yourself. Send us your story to: runningpage (@) gmail (dot) com.

Are you planning on running a marathon this year? If so, make sure you do it with the advice of an experienced coach. Proper marathon training will help you in the long run. When I first started running, I started too quickly and injured myself trying to keep up with my wife. The first mistake is no matter how fit you think you may be, marathon running is a different ball game and its best to take advice from an experienced runner. She's a Boston marathoner and runs sub 20 5 k's and has received training from experienced coaches. I decided to join her running team / club and oh how things changed. I started achieving pr's and feeling stronger in my long runs. Have you ever been at a race starting line and seen those super fit looking guys show up and start sprinting away at the sound of the gun only to fizzle out about 2-3 miles down the road? Of course you have, these are fit people that have been trained how to run a race. Whether its a full marathon, half, 10k or 5k, you need good advice and training to have optimum success. Team in Training is one of the best running organizations that have a proven program for runners of all levels. Ask your local running store about groups that you can run with, chances are they are training for an upcoming marathon. For those that have run a full marathon, what are your favorites? Send your descriptions and reasons why to runningpage (@) gmail (dot) com and we'll post your answers for our users. Once again please be patient as we upgrade The Running Page with new graphics, tools and more.

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Format: 2019-06-15

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