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At the current time we are upgrading our races page for 2011/2012 and revamping the entire website. We will include race information for many different running events of all distances. Wherever you are in your training regimen you will be able to find a race that suits your needs. Find a 5k run in your own city, 10k, half and full marathon. In a race, we are ultimately running for our own personal record "pr", the competition is there to show us where we are at in our respective age groups. Running a race requires proper training and should not be attempted without it. The following are some tips to prepare for your next race. First determine what kind of race you are running and train accordingly. If its a 5k race you will be running your distances for training runs will be much different than that of a marathon. It also depends on whether or not this is your first race. If you are making the decision to turn runner over couch potato by running a 5k race you will need to take it slow. If you do not, you will end up back on the couch due to unnecessary injuries. Check the weather and make sure you are dressed accordingly. Is it going to be 90 degrees or 32 degress at the start of the race? Make sure you have running gear, breathable fabrics that are designed for running. Go to any running specialty store in your area and they will be able to outfit you. Make it to the expo before race day, it happens you are so excited about the race that during all the excitement you forget to make it to the race expo and pick up your timing chip. Do this ahead of time so you can relax and pin your race bib and tie on your timing chip ahead of time. Most organized running races have race bibs "your number" and timing chips to track your exact time. For longer races usually more than 5-10k pick a sports gel that you like e.g carboom, gu, powergel. Ideally, you will know ahead of time which one you prefer so that you are not experimenting on race day. Depending on the number of participants in your race, you will want to arrive early in some cases to get a decent parking spot otherwise you might be running excess miles before the race even starts and if the traffic is bad you might not be running when the gun goes off. No experimentation, we mentioned this before and it applies to your shoes, gear, energy gels / drinks and more. Run your own race ,at the beginning of all races there are usually corals based on your predicted times, start there and when you cross the starting line stay within yourself, its very easy to get caught up in all the excitement and start running to fast.

As mentioned we will be adding races to this our marathon calendar from areas all around the world. In the meantime if you are a race director or a runner like us, join our website using the Facebook connect login or create your own profile and add your favorite running event.

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