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The Runnerazzi is the official sports photographer of The Running Page, where every runner is a star!  The runnerazzi can be seen and marathon and race events across the nation snapping action photos and recording video.  If you've been snapped by the Runnerazzi you can view these photos on our the Running Page Facebook page.    

Taking photographs at running and endurance sports events is something the Runnerazzi is very passionate about. The emotions that can be captured by photo and video at a marathon or running event are increadible.  We've seen it all!  

We've been fortunate to visit some of the prestige marathons and running events in the world.  From the Boston Marathon, NYC and Chicago marathons, to prestigious 5k events like the Freihofers run for women, we've shot the world's best runners to first time beginners.  If you are seeking a video production company to produce a marathon or running event promotional video that sells, give the Runnerazzi a call today.    We are know for our "Green Action Filming" techniques.  If you want a big box video production on a budget, the Runnerazzi can help,  we are know for filming on Rollerblades.  This technique allows us to get moving action shots from multiple angles which leads to high value production that typically was only available to the large marathons with large budgets.  Visit for marathon and race sports photography and video.

Learn more about the Runnerazzi and view celebrity running photos.

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